Monday, July 14, 2014

The Russian Campaign - First Play

I played through the 3rd Edition of Avalon Hill's classic, The Russian Campaign, as a solo play. It was the first time I'd sat down to run through the game and decided to play the full campaign. Though I didn't play all the way through to May of '45.

The biggest surprise about playing this game: the response on social media. On Google + and especially Facebook, the response has been overwhelming. Comments around missing this classic, playing it so many times as a kid, wanting to play it again, suggestions, tactics, etc. It was fun everytime I post something to see what would be said.

Basically I made it to through the May/June 1943 turn and called it quits. It was fun, but with my poor strategic play, it was becoming a WWI style stalemate. (A challenge with solo play.) I will play again, probably a smaller scenario. Also, I want to spend some time reading through the suggestions and finding the old General articles for tips. A better reading of the rules will help as well.

Below is my video playlist of 4 videos following the game progress:

And below are a few pictures from my Facebook Russian Campaign album.

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