Friday, June 27, 2014

Paint white and black - Ritterkreig

Ritterkrieg conducts some testing on black vs white base coat. Pretty nice when people do this kind of thing. Well done.

The only reason I like white better is that i can see the details better when painting.

At 6mm it's also tough to see and the white really helps the colors pop and most of my painting is already too dark.

But for my 15mm kit, I'll need to look into this more. Actually, what's there to look into, RK's done it for us.

Thank you.

All the pictures are taken as screenshots from my phone from his three posts, go check them out.

Black and White Test Part 1
Black and White Test Part 2
Black and White Test Part 3

I may have got these links in the wrong order. The joys of blogging from my phone. They'll get you to his site and then you can find what you need.

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  1. There was a very nice article a few years back on TMP from a fellow that base coats in black.

    He experimented by painting two groups of sci-fi dwarves, one with a white basecoat and the other with black. He gives a very nice description of the differences in technique along the way. He concluded that the two techniques worked out about the same in terms of time and end result and you should pick whichever you prefer. I'm sure results will vary somewhat, but I've come to a similar conclusion in my own work. (I still dabble by doing it the other way from time to time, but when you put the minis on the table they look absolutely fine together.)

    It's always an interesting subject and I'm always pleased to see people that can honestly say "Yes, they both work." I've run into far too many people that get preachy about one or the other. Truth be told, I think some of the bias has to do with results you can get as an inexperienced painter. The two techniques produced strikingly different models when I was sixteen, but as I've gotten better they've converged to a large extent. Might also depend on what set of tools and proficiencies you have. (I came to drybrushing and highlighting earlier than washes and inks.)