Sunday, June 22, 2014

Holey Spark in my Fate Core

Working on a possible FAE (Fate Accelerated) game with my boys. So, on a car ride my 11 yr old and and I used "A Spark In Fate Core" (can't add links to this - google it) to start coming up with a world.

I've never GMed before and only played in a handful of pathfinder, D&D, and Cthulu games. Gotta start sometime.

There's a lot missing here. It was fun going through it though and learning what he likes about Portal and Minecraft. Samurai Jack is mine.

Portal, samurai jack, minecraft

Puzzles in portal
Logic of portals

Samurai Jack
Aku - big baddie running the world 
Diversity of worlds (dogs that talk, Scottish dude)
There's a backstory
Sense of a journey

Game never stops
Realistic - right size and scale
You can craft stuff by combining materials
Different modes
Build anything
There's a boss you can make

Genre and descriptor
Modern futuristic high adventures (alternate realities)

Small yet huge

Big baddie runs most of the worlds because he rebelled against the other overlords.

There are robots who do the bidding of the big baddie. They can be reprogrammed.

Why are the portals so important?
Because it is the only way to get to the other worlds?

How come the different worlds are so diverse?
Because they all provide an element (like periodic table of elements) to the makeup of the world.

Why do people not seem to mind that the big baddie is in control?
Most of the people who were left in power where swayed by the big baddie somehow. And big baddie held some of people that knew he was bad in prison.

Why is the big baddie "bad"? If all the portals are open at the same time

An evil serpent convinced him that if every portal was open at the same time he would gain the power of a thousand lords.

Title - possibilities 
A Hole in Our Life
Wholly Hole
Hole in Our Element 
Elemental Hole
Alternate Reality High Adventure
(Sub title - High Adventure in Alternate Realities)

Still to come, issues, faces and places. One thing my son wants in this story - secret government base (or lab), "I like stories that have those in them." Score for dad learning another thing about his son.

These characters probably work in this lab or are connected somehow. After thinking on this, I thought of Eureka...I'm also thinking of Stargate.

I also envision us either playing a 2-5 session miniseries or episodic adventures. For the sake if attention and completion.

It was bed time when we reached this point. This "serpent" I think is the man behind the curtain. He wants the big baddie to gather all these portals to open at the same time so that he'll get the ultimate power, not the big baddie.

I'm starting to think the big baddie believes he's working for the good of the worlds (don't they all?).

What I'm Unsettled on: how the portals open, how these "elements" keep everything working together and what the big currency is - what drives all these different realities...

Any thoughts on these ideas? Any inspirations you'd be willing to throw our way?  I need to read the FAE book again to see how this might merge into that book, 'cause this 16 page Spark book was designed with Fate Core in mind.

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