Sunday, June 1, 2014

Go Check Out WWII tactical (and above) rule "bashing"

SixTwentyEight writes up a nice quick set of reviews of many miniature rulesets. Go check it out and contribute your own.

I said the following his comment about the "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" title -
Hearing Richard interviewed on podcasts I've always appreciated his sense of humor in his naming conventions. He's even discussed that The names e chooses may hurt his sales because they aren't serious names like "Kampfgruppe Piepper uber Blitzkrieg Tiger!"
Even his company name is based on something like Too Fat Ladies or something like that, correct?

My favorite game name, Troops, Weapons, And Tactics.
 This has also given me the itch to try out Mein Panzer again as it sits collecting dust on my shelves. Now that I have more gaming experience under my belt I may find that I like the game more than I did the first time I tried it.

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