Friday, May 23, 2014

I've Visited Scale Creep Miniatures

In a recent trip to Chicago, I made an appointment with Mark, owner of Scale Creep Miniatures. Scale Creep sells miniatures from 6mm-28mm. But he is one of the rare ones that has a nice selection of 6mm. I've bought from him a few times online.

He "recently" opened an store in Evanston, IL that is open by appointment and he hopes to create a Saturday gaming day when he is able to make the room for it. Mark is a good modeller with lots of cool ideas, creates some of his own models, his own terrain products, and is looking at writing some rules. On his personal site, DeepFriedHappyMice, he has all kinds of how-to's on building terrain and other projects.

As I spoke with him I was convinced to buy the NUTS! rule set from Two Hour Wargames. He was very enthusiastic about his experience with the game and his excitement was contagious. In addition, I was convinced, yet again, after looking at the Baccus 6mm Samurai, that I do not want to paint these guys. The detail is amazing on these figures, but man o man, I don't want to devote the time to working on those. I will have to save up cash to have it done or look for a lot sale (still need to save the cash).

My one regret, after I got home I started looking up more NUTS! info and found that the 3rd and final edition is coming out very soon, as in a few weeks - blasted impulse purchase. I think I'm going to enjoy the rules, so I don't regret getting them, it's just that...aaaaarghh new edition. (From the sounds of it, the new edition sounds like it makes some nice refinements.)

I also bought the East Front expansion/army lists because my 15mm is German and Russian.

Lastly, Mark was very gracious and we spent 2 hours talking, but the best part was meeting his dog Bugsy. No picture of Mark, just his dog.

Great guy, nice dog, and you should check out his online store and visit Bugsy next time you're in Evanston, IL.

Some of Mark's painted 15mm army

Sorry for the blur - Bugsy


  1. Hi Todd, I enjoyed your post and pictures here. Mark is also coming out with a re-issue of the On to Richmond! grand-tactical ACW rules that were originally available through the Courier game magazine, I want to play these, and have them pre-ordered. I've never met Mark myself, but by his postings on TMP he sounds like he has a great sense of humor too!

    1. Very enjoyable conversation. I would enjoy playing a game with him. He also seems proactive at wanting to build a community.