Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to Play Basic Impetus Video Series

Welcome to Thomo_the_Lost as a new follower to the blog.  Go check out his site, Thomos Hole (I've not been there yet, but the name alone makes me want to check it out.)

Kurtus over on YouTube has created 10, so far, videos on how to play Basic Impetus.  Basic Impetus covers every era from ancient to 17th century warfare.  It was one of the sets I considered as I thought about Samurai.  I played it a few times solo and it was easy enough, enjoyable, and seemed to have the ability to incorporate enough strategy.  If I were to pursue it further I would definitely get the full set because it gets into more depth on command and control and morale.

But the basic can give a quick game in a small space and is free.

You can download Basic Impetus here at Dadi & Piombo's website.  There are tons of historical and fantasy lists available around the web as well.

Here's Kurtus' videos:

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