Friday, October 4, 2013

BKC II North of Caen AAR 1

I'm using a scenario out of the I Ain't Been Shot Mum rulebook to play a Blitzkrieg Commander II game.  As of this typing, I've finished turn 1 of 10.

Basically, the British, with 9 squads and 3 2" mortars have to break the Germans or take 4 of the 5 buildings at the road junction.  Defending this little hamlet are 6 German squads and 2 MG42s.

I like the way the board turned out, considering I was trying to make it quick and dirty.
Yellow boxes are pregame arty targets

It's such a small scenario, I'm wondering if this may make a good con scenario.  It doesn't have any tanks and the people love 'em some tank on tank action.
German right flank - looking at the oncoming Brits.
 So far, the pregame arty just inflicted 1 hit and suppression on a German right flank squad. And as is common with BKCII, the British squads didn't make it as far as I would've liked.  And one of the British left flank squads has 2 hits, but no suppression. Going into turn 2.


  1. Nice idea, I think it could work at a con especially as a starter game to get the feel

  2. I'll be following the action on the ground!

    Like Andrew commented above, this looks like a good starter scenario to introduce the rules with.


  3. Hey, you ought to think of doing this format again, and like Gene McCoy used to do with his Battle Problem scenarios in Wargamer's Digest…..set out the mission, postulate on tactics, and then follow through with the actual game results (might even solicit viewer comments for tactics as the game is in progress).

    1. Not bad. I may try that. I know a couple guys have played games and asked essentially for their viewers so vote on the next move for one side.
      The ret of the battle will be poste in a couple days.