Thursday, September 5, 2013

IronWind Metals Exclusive Online Packs for Alpha Strike Announced

Very cool news out of Ironwind Metals, the crew that makes the minis for Catalyst Game Labs Battletech line.  They are creating packs based on the armies in the Alpha Strike book.
From the IronWind site.
I think this is the way to go.  "All" miniature games out there have some kind of starter pack to help get people started.  While these aren't officially starter packs, they will help people place orders for minis...considering there's really one consistent place to buy them.  I know there are stores that carry the minis, Game Nite here in St Louis and Games Plus in Chicago being just two.  However, knowing if they have whats in the book is something else.  There are so many models, there's no way a store could carry enough inventory.
From the Ironwind site.

I was also reading that some of the models shown in the book aren't still available through IW anymore. That's a bummer.

Anyway, here's Ironwind's announcement.

To help support Alpha Strike release geared towards the Clan Invasion ERA, we have put theERA Report 3052 and ERA Report 3062 Online Exclusive Mech Packs back up for sale in the webstore.
Coming in the future are some Online Exclusive Mech packs based on the Force Lists in the Alpha Strike Rulebook.
 The pack pictured is from the ERA Report 3062 sets. It is Clan Jade Falcon Heavy/Assault Star [MP-038].  For $55.16, it includes the following mechs:
20-768 Night Gyr
BT-011 Thor B
20-233 Warhammer IIC
20-605RE Masakari
20-759 Turkina

Remember, clans operate in "Stars" with 5 mechs each.  Whereas Inner Sphere operates in Lances with 4 mechs each.

I'm not saying it's not worth the money. But $55.16 for 5 mechs...this is one reason I've been putting off buying some.  I've never built something like these and it will cost $150-200 just to get a binary/company, for each side. Will have to save up for these.

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