Monday, August 19, 2013

Playtest of War Stories

Photo and Youtube dump of my play test game of War Stories with Dave. As usual, Dave's gone above and beyond and glued his playtest boards on thick material as well as making his terrain overlays on thick play foam material.

Any terrain that blocks line of sight will be made as a thick overlay so you can remember that the terrain does in fact block LOS.

I also like the watercolor look of the maps.  Of course, none of this is final art.

We only got one turn in, so didn't experience a whole lot, but did come up with a bunch of questions for Dave to take back to the creators of the game.

I think there's potential for this tactical level game that doesn't use  dice and utilizes cards to supplement play. In addition, it has a unique way of handling movement with a new hex system.

See below for the video, BoardGameGeek posts by others and of course the pictures:

Boardgamegeek post of the game
BGG post of Dave's perspective of the game.
BGG post of another playtesters first couple of games.

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