Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Help with videos - See new page

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I've just created a page over there on the right that says, Help Wanted Ideas for Alpha Strike Video Series.

And that's just it, I need some experts to talk with via Google Hangouts or Skype (though i have little experience w skype).

I would be looking for positive people who understand what it's like to approach this complicated BT universe from the perspective of a newb.  People who can keep it real and laugh at themselves and knows the value of lifting someone else up.

I'm not looking, necessarily for a permanent co-host.  Just people that can provide fun, cool and good insight.

Anyway, off the soapbox, if you have any ideas of people I could speak with, let me know. I just looking for people to speak with.

Tell me in the comments below, or better yet in the comments on the Help Wanted page.

Pay for this volunteer gig - $0.

And oh yes - thank you to all for putting me over 45,000 views.  I can't imagine getting 1,000,000 views. That's a crazy number of eyes on your writing.

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