Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My 3 Favorite Board Wargames Plus 1

British Legion 1, Youtube subscriber, asked about my top boardgames.  So, I let him have it.

ASLSK 1-Expansion pack, plus extra scenarios.  I know, Joe Steadman told me to put on my big boy pants and go to full on ASL.  I explain my reasoning in the video.  The completist in my would like nothing else than to buy all those ASL modules... alas time and money put a crimp on that desire.

Combat Commander by GMT.  The entire series.  This was my first squad level that really sucked me into the size and type of game.  So many cool things about it.  Best written rules.  Nice graphic design.  And the exceptions, for the most part are on the cards.  And the cards, random city. 

I couldn't decide between the last one.  Which is why this is a plus one list.
A Victory Denied
PanzerBlitz Hill of Death...with the 2ed rules revision.


  1. Oh mine got to be


    ASL and third ASL

    sorry could not resist


  2. Why not showing the content too in a follow up video?