Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Help For a Tabletop Gamer

TableTop Gamer, over on YouTube, asked me a question about Napoleonic and American Civil War Boardgames.  Well, these aren't my forte.  So, I did some searching and found these links for him.  And he asked about World At War Series.
This is a blog covering many things, World at War being one of them.  He's recently written a very detailed series of posts on how to play this game.  You can also click on the labels to the right for Nations at War and you'll see a very similar game...based in WWII though and not the imaginary WWIII that WaW covers:

There's Battlecry for a basic ACW boardgame.  However, TG was asking for bigger strategic games focused on a battle or series of battles.  Here are some Geeklists that can give some info:

Below are the Napoleon lists.  Though I have pulled up a couple of games that seem to get a lot of mentions.  Napoleons Triumph and Napoleon the Waterloo Campaign (3rd Edition).

Though, it looks like Napoleon The Waterloo Campaign is now on Kickstarter for a deluxe 4th edition - 30+ days to pledge:


Below are a general list of wargames that only take up to 3 hours to play: 

The list below shows Wargames by ranking on Boardgamegeek. No, I don't consider Twilight Struggle a wargame...but let's not get into semantics.


  1. If you want to play a complete ACW battle with agreeable complexity then I'd recommend the GMT Glory series. It's hex and counter with a brigade taking usually two counters. I'm not sure if the Columbia offerings for ACW are that good. Badges of courage was ok, but the c&c mechanic was difficult for beginners and the board was way too crowded.


      It appears the first two glory are out of print. But you can probably find them on BGg or eBay.

  2. I have Glory 2 and 3. One might want to avoid number two because it features Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, which aren't exactly sporting. Fredericksburg made an excellent solitaire game though..