Saturday, November 10, 2012

20 6mm European Buildings pt1

I've finally started the 20 6mm buildings that Dave gave me in June. His only prerequisite was that I painted them and used them. The painting part has begun. I primed them last night. Today, I painted outside for 2 hours and was able to base coat 10 of them. I'm looking at another 4-6 hours of work on these bad boys.

Question is: do I base them?  At the end of this I'll show some pics of Daves (different Dave) buildings and how he bases his 6mm beauties.  As I was looking at his pics again I was taken by his simple pallet of colors. The basing and detail work really make them look unique and pop.  Great work. He also uses an airbrush which also makes for a nice finish.

Here's a video of my work today.

Thank you Dave and Dave.

And some of Dave's buildings:

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  1. Toddy Cougar! :) Love the little pink houses, and the fact that this once-lost resin will finally see some detailing and even a game board someday.