Monday, September 3, 2012

WSR Cobra Campaign 2

Short Story - US Fail - White Star Rising Cobra Campaign over.

I really need to work on taking a town/fortified position.

Basically, both sides are coming in on opposite sides of the board. US victory conditions: Take both town hexes of Kruispunten AND get two full platoons off the opposite board edge which they enter. This was going to be tough because the Germans would, more than likely, get there first and hole up. 3 PZ Gren platoons, 3 PZIVs, a StugIII and a Whirbelwind (sp)

US goal, move to the south of the town, get the two good units off the board and then attack the city from the south.

Turn 1
Both sides move.
After the first turn-Germans at bottom

Turn 2
Germans take the town. US doesn't get the chit draw and sit still.

Turn 3
 US moves closer and P47 continues dominance and disrupts stug.

Turn 4
US moves up and the German armor whiffs and misses most of their shots. However, on their impulse they start to get better:  they disrupt the M10 and stuart platoons. The stug stays disrupted.

3-4 turns in
Turn 5
The US begins skirting the town and lose 2 M4 platoons. The only bright spot for the US, the P47 disrupts 2 of the tanks.

Turn 6
P47 disrupts another tank and then CCA makes progress toward exit.

Turn 7
US doesn't get chit pull. Germans take out another M4 platoon.
little over halfway in

Turn 8
PZIV platoon taken out. However, an armored platoon is disrupted on the way off the board. However, another armored platoon and m4 platoon get off the board. Though, frankly, those Armored infantry would be be needed to take the town.

Turn 9
Infantry platoon moves up to the forests next to town and the Whirblewind takes them out along with some help of the PZ Gren platoon. P47 lost to ammo shortage. This was the second shortage, so it was out of the game.
3/4 and not looking good for US

Turn 10
Another Armored Infantry platoon gets off the board. The M7 final fires into town and reduces the infantry. (Perhaps i should've focused on that earlier...) It's range is 16, so it can be way away from the town. However, this board doesn't give a lot of good LOS for them to sit out of the German tank range. I'd have to look at the board more closely. A tank and an infantry platoon close assault the Whirbelwind in the woods and take it out. The M4AE8 is reduced.

Game over and US loss
And the game is over. Two turns of no US Chit draws didn't help. I would have to lay out the board and evaluate how to go about this again.


  1. Can the US assault the town more directly from the off, and try to exit whichever two units are least engaged?

    1. Yes, that probably would've been a better choice.

    2. Perhaps come through the forest on the right and around the hill