Friday, July 20, 2012

Wargaming is Bigger than

With all the vitriol, debate, and discussion last week on the Battlefront and Field of Glory announcements - it got me to thinking about wargaming.

Here to me is what wargaming is about - a new guy into the hobby (miniature historical hobby) playing against his grandpa - check out some of his other videos

A couple of guys having fun playing a game that simulates (whether loosely or exactly - doesn't matter) a time in history. It brings them together, they talk history, study it to prepare the minis and have a fun time hanging together.

Road trips - gamers sharing fun stories and creating stories as they travel to shows and gather in venues and homes to make their own small part of history - whether "real" history or imagined.

Studying and learning - either real or imagined stories:

Creativity in modelling and in ways of gaming
from the wargaming site

(So many unique games at this COW event - see this very detailed post on the event from a blog with a title as long and hard to spell as mine - Wargaming Miscellany

Finally, in the fun and creative department - check out Murdock's Marauders - Garden Wars - reminds me of HG Wells -
from murdocks maruaders site
No matter what the companies do or the ill-tempered and poor mannered forum posters say, this is a great hobby that will be around long after all of us are here.

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  1. Bravo. My thoughts exactly. Its about getting together and having fun.

    Many of my local hobbyists are locked in on a period and a set of rules. My request gamers like them is to step out, take a chance, and try something new. When you have all of your eggs in one basket and the basket is turned digital, well, that's a problem. By being diverse, we can weather snafus like this with ease and it expands our circle of gamers.

    BTW, you've got it. Just look at your labels! :-)