Saturday, June 23, 2012

Insight into Miniature Business

3 recent podcasts have recently had great podcasts featuring interesting stories on how the miniature business works:

D6 Generation interviews Neil Fawcett of Spartan Games talks about resin miniature manufacture.

Today, I just hear Episode 39 of WWPD (What Would Patton Do) podcast talked to John-Paul of Battlefront miniatures about the game, some cool stories how the business was started (No matter the business, I really like these kind of stories - but anyway...), and what's coming from BF in the future.

A couple things he spoke about that surprised me - They are creating a Gladiator game. And they are creating starter box sets to help people get into the game. Battlefront knows their marketing and sales.

Kudos to the WWPD guys in getting those scoops.

From The Mantic Website
The last podcast is from Mantic Games and the again give some interesting insight into the future for their Kings of War series.

Especially to the first two, thank you to all the fans that create these great blogs and podcasts. Also, thank you to companies like Mantic for being open to sharing what they're doing at their company.

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