Monday, June 25, 2012

Barracks Battles Sunday Action

Just a short video of the action that took place on Sunday afternoon at DieCon, Barracks Battles. I only was able to play in Adam's General Quarters 3 WWII naval game. Great miniatures and tremendous group of guys to play with and against:
James, Dave, and Kevin
John, Joe, and me

US was killed - I messed up with my torpedo laying, almost took out one of our own ships. Didn't, but the court of inquiry will be calling me in.

Interesting, seeing some of the things that Naval Thunder does similarly, but abstracted, to GQ3. This is why it's fun to play other systems to see the evolution of gaming. I really like Adam's basing. He used some aluminum found at the hardware store that has a texture to it - like what screen doors in the US have on them - paint and highlight. Perfect texture for the ocean. If I paint anymore, I will use this method.  Nice looking GHQ 1/2400 ships.


  1. Great looking games & great photography. Thanks, Dean

  2. Very effective use of this basing material to simulate waves. Great job! Something good to remember.

  3. These look awesome, I might put some aircraft on my aircraft carrier bases, flying over it or something. Good inspiration here!