Monday, March 12, 2012

Where I Meet timmy! and Fly a Spitfire

timmy!, who's contributed some input for the blog with is Modern Force on Force! armies had a few people over to play in some Wings of War (Now Wings of Glory), WWI air combat, and some Angels 20, WWII air combat. Angels 20 is the new Axis and Allies miniature game.

clockwise (l) - (black shirt) timmy!, Ed, Dave, Jerry, Doug, Rich, Will, Pat
I got there pretty late and played one game, as a British pilot, against 4 Germans in their 109s.  Dave S was actually putting the game on and of course had washed the planes a bit to dull down the plastic look, as well as, printed out a map from Google to make the game looka real nice-a. (forgive the bad Italian accent.)

I had the first kill as I shot down a 109 with a devastating roll of 7 hits - which took it out. I also assisted in another kill when Ed and I surrounded a 109. I gave him one point of damage, but then Ed had like 6 hits. - destroyed.
I believe this was Dave's first game as a GM and was using the simple rules. Pretty straight forward rules and it sounds like the advanced rules would help it a bit to add some nuance. To me it's a great convention game. Can learn the basics pretty quickly, and once engaged it goes quickly.

Dave does a great job of playing/gming the miniature/boardgame combos. I'll have to do more of a post about some of his conversions.

In addition, it was good to meet timmy! in person and to see his stuff and work area in person.

I like all the lamps and the paint/photo booth.
He has a variety of stuff and has a collection that is, in Dave's words, "era agnostic". Very true. ACW, ECW, WWII, Napoleon, Modern, Battletech, Air, Future, 15mm, 20mm, 18mm, 6mm, ... I will get more into his collection in future posts. I've been tempted to try some Cold War Commander - maybe I could rent some kit from him.
Airbrushed Digital Camo with the cutest little stencils...CRAZY - but looks good.
 Also, I believe Basic Impetus covers ECW(?)...yes, they do if you use their Basic Impetus ECW supplement (FREE) and their ECW list.

Also, he's made some progress on his Recruit's Somalis. I will have to go to Recruits one year with this group.


  1. Nice looking air game and models! Dean

    1. Thanks Todd & Dean! Todd mentioned thoughts on modifying the multiplayer initiative rules for Angels 20, and I think I'm going to take this up before the next game. My thoughts on this at the moment, is rather than do something like have every player roll off for initiative each turn, I'll get a couple chit-pull bags and place numbered tokens in then for a side's players to pull at the beginning of each turn. I think keeping the team's single initiative roll each turn to determine which side begins the moving first, and therefore which will attack first (and then swapping back and forth based on each player's pull) might be the way to go, as it preserves some flavor of the Angels 20 system, but the pulled tokens could also be placed on the player's aircraft stand for reference, and they won't be confused if dice were used for this purpose, and will dedicate the dice for other segments of the gameplay.

  2. Great map you have there for A20 Itinerant! I've been trying to think whether to get into the game or not, such visuality is badly driving me towards buying :D

    Care to share any more details about creating the map? Supposedly coasts of England or France? Do you still have the files left or did you manage to print straight out of google maps? I'd so love to have a similar map for my plays, I've a huge fan of gaming terrains and always respect the visual aspect of a game!

  3. Shaper, see the next post for more on the maps and planes.