Sunday, March 4, 2012

More 20mm Modern Miniatures - Somalians

Second Submission from timmy!  This post he's sharing his work on  the Somalian forces for his Somali Game at Recruits.  He's co-running a game for Ambush Alley's Force on Force supplement book titled,"Day of The Rangers," at the Recruits con, in Lee's Summit, MO, on March 31, 2012.

I'll let timmy! take it from here:
The first pic is of some of the lot that I got from Elhiem.  These figures are from Elhiem's Day of the Rangers 1/72 miniatures line.

I normally prime my figures brown but because I am in some what of a hurry I primed them black. This will help with any lines or areas that I might miss during the base coating. I prime my figures with a brush using Floquil Enamel paint.
Because of the quick deadline I chose not to paint any of these figures in camouflage. I choose two to four different colors to use and mix and match them for shirts and pants.  After the base coat is done I wash the entire fig in Raw Umber.  One of the most popular pots of paint from Games Workshop is called Devlin Mud.  Raw Umber IS Devlin Mud!!

After drying highlights are layered onto the figure using a "wet" style.
All of this is done with God's own paint brush, Winsor and Newton Series 7.
Q. What do you mean by "wet" style?
My palette is made very similar to the foam that comes in blister packs.  Most of the paint that I use is Vallejo which has a built in dropper.
When I'm painting highlights and shadows, I drop one or two drops of color onto the foam and or sponge. I then drop two to three drops of Vallejo Glaze Medium*, then two to three drops of water.  I mix this with another brush. This gives you a very thin layer of paint, almost translucent which can be applied in layers.  So that's why I call it "wet" style.

Now for base coating I really do not thin the paint at all, just drop it on the pallete and paint away. Sometimes I might add water depending on how thik the paint is.  The water is put into a bottle that Reaper sells that is very similar to the Vallejo bottles, the drop or hole size is the same.

It works wonderfully!!!! 

Of course though God's paintbrushes are a must!!  Believe me on this one.

btw - the pipe in the last pic is a custom made LOTR pipe made by Tom Johnson, of Luna Pipes, based in Washington state.

Another btw, from me, Itinerant: I told my wife recently that I would like to get a pipe, not to smoke, but just to have - you know, just because they look cool. She said to go for it. But I'm not going to smoke it, so it would be somewhat silly.
 *Here's a great tutorial and discussion of Glazes and how to use them.

Third btw, I'm going to have to learn some HTML, I don't like the way that blogger is formatting things.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Thanks timmy! for the contribution. Any of readers have questions? I'll make sure timmy! gets them so he can answer you directly or here on the blog.

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