Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drydock Progress 1:3000 4 Ships Complete!

Yes! More progress, just two more ships to go from the fleets I bought ages ago at Miniature Market.

King George V and Prince of Wales remain.

The Italian ship Conte Di Cavour has the center gun mounted, therefore modelling the WWI- dreadnought version. Oh well, I'll proxy it, but now have a ship if I decide to play dreadnought. Also, I will try the wash method suggested, after I paint these last two.

Ordered some Litko plywood bases for these ships as well. Getting excited that this project is getting closer.

Unfinished projects drive me crazy...not sure I'm in the right hobby!
HMS Queen Elizabeth
HMS Malaya
Italian Conte Di Cavour - Before WWII Retrofits-blast

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