Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another way to make hills

From Mark's Blog Post
Was looking at a new blog, to me, "Mark's Legends and Legions," and saw this post on making hills for miniature gaming. I like how he shows the photos that inspired him to make them as he did. Also, any post that shows the colors used and the final product is good by me.

Thanks Mark for the post.

I hope it's cool to link to posts like this. One, I want to send people to these other blogs because I find them helpful. And two, it's a way for me to catalog good tips I've seen around the webs. Also, I need to find the etiquette for posting others' pics on my blog. I know there's a problem when it's a commercial venture. And I suppose this photo is copyright to Mark on the day he posts them...hmmm. What to do. I don't mind if people post mine, but I shouldn't assume it's okay with others.



  1. It seems to me that you have given proper credit to Mark. I don't think anyone can ask for more. I approve.

    1. Thanks Mike, your approval brings me much comfort. :)

      I definitely try to give full credit and link back the original source.