Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hobby Game area nearly complete

I say, "nearly", because is the work ever done? I'm pretty happy with the design of the space. With the help of some other gamers who posted their pics, my mom (who's pretty good at this kind of thing), my wife and her lighting design eye, and Stephi at The Container Store, I have an organized space that is now more inspiring. With the neatness comes more creativity.

The table on the left is 4' 1" tall and about 2'x4'. This height is right where my elbows come to rest when I'm standing and put my hands in front of me. This table will be used to story minis while in progress and in between steps. It could also double as a small game table. I play 6mm, so it's huge. Now that I think of it, this may be a good table to recreate some ASLSK boards on.?

There is, of course, the painting table. The wire grid is from The Container Store. AW (Awesome Wife) helped with the lighting, suggesting I put the strip under the shelf. As well, she suggested the use of the fixture we used over the gaming table. These are actually very expensive flourescent strips that she's been given in the past as samples - yea!

Then, there is also the game table, under the new added, fixture. The lighting will be better for gaming and photos.

While this is primarily a storage room in our basement, I would gladly have a friend over to play in there. If I want to have more over, I'll have to move out to the main room.

There are a few more things I would like to do with the room. Eventually, I would like to move away from the cardboard boxes - discarded ones I mean, and move to the plastic. However, this is one of those things that can wait and budgeted over time. Good bday/xmas/sale purchases. Also, more wire grid and shelves for that.

I just remembered, I would like to have a place to hold books open for refernce,
something to hold the iphone for charging and listening,
glass holders
sides on the tall table so minis don't fall off and die/and I could put some cool scenery in there
a way to store large pieces of terrain
come to some sore of gamer piece on how to store my armies

Like I said, "nearly".

 More exciting photos here on the Picasa web album.

Even more exciting photo tour on YouTube.

PS I used my new iPhone4S to take the photos and video - another yeah!

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