Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tanksgiving BKCII Rules Test

View of the board-bottom tanks moved to left for flank deployment
The German 88's view before setup was complete. At game start all these visible tanks were behind the hills
German Assault Gun Company rushing to flank & exploit from behind.
The result of the flank, all but 1 tank platoon left and fighting for it's life.
The two tanks behind the hill are PzIVs and will be destroyed after this photo is taken.
I didn't finish this game so I could prepare for some hobby room remodeling. The US was suffering bad, but was making a steady comeback. I used the BKCII rules and was trying out the rules I would use for high area terrain, the impenetrable terrain, the restricted fire arc in, into, and out of these areas. I liked them. I also tried my LOS and LOF clarifications that I discussed in this entry.

This 4-day Thanksgiving holiday saw a lot of 1:1 modeling. IE painting deck railing and preparing my wife's business home office. All that, the holiday, the naval game and 4 turns of BKCII, and preparing or hobby room fixing up. I would say it was a pretty productive 4 days.


  1. Its great when you get finish what you planned to do!! Great looking game too!

  2. I have just received the BKC rules and armies. What are the sizes of your bases?