Sunday, November 13, 2011

Command Con Day 3

More pics. End pictures are of my introductory play testing with Norris Dale (? correct me if I'm wrong someone) of Johnny Reb Civil War rules. My first ever Civil War Minis game. More enjoyable than I was prepared for. Rules were very similar to Command Decision to me. Many steps and lots of modifiers. Not too bad, but they're there. I would play again. And, I can't imagine painting an army. We used 15mm - and they were great. Acquired 5 painted Tigers, 2 King Tigers, and 3 250/2s(The ones with the 20mm gun on them.)
Command Con Day 3
And here are pics from that 3rd GM I mentioned yesterday, Blake. His games usually had a lot of noise coming from them.

Blakes pics on flickr

More of Blakes pics on flickr
 Photos of Zulu War Game and 28-mm Modern Afghanistan using Ambush Alley. Blake

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  1. Only ever played one game of Johnny Reb, loved it, but my pal chose to use Fire and Fury instead. I liked the idea of putting down the markers, and trying to remember what way to turn them over!