Tuesday, November 15, 2011

56th AIB - WIP and some other to-dos

Above is a picture of my progress on my first Armored Infantry Battalion (I'll call this one the 56th, since that's the one my Grandfather served in - Captain, Supply).

I've decided my next modelling project before I build or buy anything else is to check my inventory and see where I stand in my project for building an Armored Division where each stand is a platoon.

For the Germans I would like to build a Panzer Grenadier Battalion/Regiment (still learning the org charts), a Panzer Battalions, A FJ battalion, a Volksgrenadier Battalion, and some support. Won't be a perfect Division, but it will give me enough oppenents for the allies.

I'll be building a new spreadsheet to track this project.

For terrain, I would like to finish the buildings I own, build the paper terrain buildings out, build out the rest of the trees, and build a variety of hills, and oh yeah figure out a couple of small lakes, and oh yeah an orchard, and yeah, finish a few more Bocage, and oh yeah, touch up the scour pad hedges...figure out trenches...and

And, get a game on in the next 2 weeks, even if solo.

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