Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where was this article a couple weeks ago?

From the Lard Island News Blog
Found this blog post on designing a historical scenario for IABSM, by Too Fat Lardies. (New edition is coming out soon and it looks incredible. Especially compared to the 2nd edition I just bought a few months ago and have never played. I'm okay with having never played them because I enjoy reading rules. However, when I bought them I liked the idea of the card mechanic and being able to recreate smaller actions of WII - and they have so many scenario books. But once I got it and began reading it, I just couldn't get it.  The strangest thing, things like the way big men worked, just didn't click. But seeing their new pics of the rules, I believe a lot will be answered and alleviated. )

Anyway, this looks to be a promising set of blog posts about designing a scenario that I will follow closely.

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