Saturday, September 3, 2011

GMing Task List CommandCon

Just created a new page to post my task list for the November Command Con Blitzkrieg Commander game I'm GMing.

I would like to show the list on the page - there must be a way to do it.

Anyway, the focus of the game will be the 12th Armored Divisions battle, one of them anyway, near Herrilsheim, France. It was pretty much a disaster for the 12th AD. However, the 553 Volksgrenadier Div and 10th SS Armored Division didn't do so well either.

I've narrowed my focus to be the second attempt of the 12th to attack Herrilsheim from the North and South on January 17th. The CCB troops up north didn't make any progress, so I thought I would focus on CCA down south. I thought I'd narrowed it down a bit to which troops I would focus on but after doing a preliminary run of the numbers, I was already at 3,750 points, just for the US troops coming from the South. I'd hoped to have some of the 17 AIB and 43 AB that made it into town, but I don't want to make the game too big. Recommendations on the BKC forum say I should stick with 2,000 - 3,000 per side to make this game fit within 2 hours.

More info on the battle here.

All images from the 12th Armored Division site. Which I believe these actually come from WWII magazine.
The website says about the article where the photos are taken from: By David T. Zabecki and Keith Wooster from the January 1999 issue of World War II.

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