Monday, September 5, 2011

CommandCon Northwind Scenario Size and other stuff

This being my first GMing adventure, I'm learning some things about designing a scenario. For example, how big in terms of troops, equipment, map, etc do you make this. The big limiting factor in this case is my time slot. I've got 4 hours, but that includes setup and tear down. So I'm working off 2 hours. Also, I'll be working with people who've probably never played before.

I'm getting some great feedback from the Blitzkrieg Forums that I'll post here later. I've also been looking at Batreps more closely for clues.

Here's one from Big Dave's blog about a Russian Attack.  (pictured above - I may have to go for the white sheet for terrain as well.) I asked a question about time and size and his opponent answered below. 3.5 hours all said with 2 experienced players.

skinnedpuppy said...

I was Dave's opponent here, the Russians had around 5000 points with the German force being 3300. All in it took about 3.5 hours to play including set up and packing up. We used the BUA rules from the rulebook, the whole tile counts as a BUA. However we only give the building bonus (Save of 6) for infantry inside an actual building model.

It was a pretty close game had Dave not decimated my rear with his flanking force it would have been a different story. That said his armour taking 5 turns to only get a third way across the board certainly helped. :)

All in a very fun game.

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