Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rampant Peace Breaks Out on Wargame Blog

Henry Hyde

Henry Hyde

@battlegames Hove, East Sussex
Editor of Battlegames, writer, designer, linguist and wargamer with ambitions to be a wealthy, eccentric bon viveur!
Keith, at Keith's wargaming blog posted some maps from Battlegames magazine in one of his posts. You can see the original post here.  (well almost original, as you'll see as you read on...)

And then Keith posted this a few days later and of course, then read comments.

It was resolved when Henry Hyde, owner of the magazine, and originator of the copryright complaint, worked it out with Keith to allow him to post nicer versions of the maps on his blog. But this time with his consent and with proper attribution.

Who would guess that such peace could be found in such a violent place?

Seriously, way to go guys in resolving this so quickly and so openly.

Speaking of Copyright - both photos have been used without permission of their owners (when will we learn?). Henry's is from Twitter - what is the copyright on that info anyway?
And to the left is Keith.

Btw, Henry is the one that said rampant peace had broken out.

Speaking of all that - Osprey is hiring - following is from their twitter feed and then from their website.

Osprey Publishing


  1. Nice. I also see you have labelled this as an AAR, which is pretty funny.

    Of course, should you require additional photos of me to embellish your blog, I can make them freely available.

    All the best, Keith.