Wednesday, July 13, 2011

World War II 6mm WIP

Working on the following 6mm forces (GHQ) for BkC, CDTOB, and IABSM.
9 stands of engineers
3 engineer HQs
1 Engineer Co (with borrowed US Jeep)
9 stands of Infantry
3 HQs
1 CO (w Kublewagen)
5 HMGs
5 LMGs
5 Light mortars
3 Individual Flamethrowers
2 CO stands (Battalion commands for CDTOB scenarios) (1 will have 250 HT and the other will have a ?. I like to base the COs with a vehicle.)
4 HQ (big men) stands
4 75mm infantry guns
2 20mm guns (? need to check what those are again.)
6 crew stands

15 M5 Stuarts
1 Recovery vehicle
1 Greyhound
6 M3 Halftracks
10 Jeeps

Lots of painting ahead of me.

I'm trying to nail my method to paint these so I can factory paint. I've been testing 4 different methods with my US halftracks. Will outline what I find, when I'm done.

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