Sunday, July 24, 2011

WIP Stuarts And others

Painted tracks on 16 Stuarts, 5 HTs, 5 M8s, plus some others.

Next up, tires and wheels, and some HT seats and they'll be done.

After that bases with unit IDs. Looks like 2 more nights worth of work.

I'm going to have to focus on completing units for games on not necessarily on completing official TOEs of particular units. I would really enjoy modelling the complete 56th AIB, from the 12AD. Where each stand equals a squad and each vehicle a vehicle. In addition I would want to have a complete Armored Battalion to compliment it since they would split them up into Combat Commands.

However, this would be an overkill of models that I don't necessarily have the luxury of obtaining right now. After I get this current batch of models complete. I will focus on completing the models I have and then purchasing only the ones I "need" to have complete models for games. Still pursuing the goal of having a complete AIB and AD as time goes on.

I've created some Google spreadsheets to help keep track of what I need and have. Could also use some work.

In addition to all this there are buildings and game markers to create. This is a never-ending journey.

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