Friday, March 6, 2015

The Mighty Endeavor July 21-31, 1944 AAR

July 21-31, 1944 Turn 5
Brits destroy 2SS. Caen taken back. 12SS Destroyed. 17SS destroyed. (German now rethinking strategy a bit. Kev, please send the book to Todd Reed 73….) 77 Inf Div destroyed.

Ami side of things: US 3rd Armored reduced and 28th Inf Div destroyed in failed attack against the stubborn 158 Inf Reserve Division. (Rolled 2 on a 6:1 attack - that’s an A2 result.) But fortunately the 353 Inf Division wasn’t so stubborn and went down south of Avaranches.

During exploitation, the Amis go after the 158 Inf Reserves and at 4:1 get an A2 D1 result, so 4th Armored is destroyed and they only lose a step. Wow.

Germans move back in the Commonwealth sector to the river just to the “West” of the Seine. 3 Pz SS divisions. There are a few infantry divisions coming up to slow them down a bit, but it will be just a bit. The Brest Peninsula is pretty barren as well.

Fascinating game. I’m usually quite good on defense. I’m not so good here as the Germans.

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