Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LnL No Time for a Spot of Tea AAR

This is from Lock N Load's Band of Heroes supplement, Swift an Bold. This covers Britain's forces in Dday and Arnhem.

This particular scenario, No Time for a Spot of Tea, covers action on September 17th. The Brits needs to clear any good order Germans up to 3 hexes from the road.

Here's the report:
Turn 2 - Brit squad killed, at gun taken out, hero killed - all Brits. Leader wounded. Troops shaken in open - left flank is scary.

Giving Piat to Hero to go after tank.

Will avoid mg42 on north and try to take out middle platoon of SS.

I need someone to teach me how to play effective offense.

End of turns 3 & 4. Brits making progress and Germans slowly retreating. Hero refuses to go into close assault w piat in hand against the Stug. Turn 5, the Brits have initiative and that hero is firing that piat point blank into that Stug.

End of game - No Time for a Spot of Tea. German victory. Germans pretty much controlled it. Though there were a couple of chances with the Brits - more smoke, maybe?

Hero with Piat = Jack crap - probably should've equipped him with Bren. With his particular skill card, it could've come in handy. Bummer, this was a lucky chance that I won't get again - ie, the card/hero combo.

The tank was just running around the field overrunning in the last couple of turns. Bad news.

Overall fun because I played both sides. As Brit I would've felt frustrated.

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