Friday, October 17, 2014

Jerry's Amazing Arnhem Table

I was invited to play on this great table by my friend, Jerry. He puts on very fun Command Decision Test of Battle games (15mm) and this looks to be no exception.

The problem - I can't make this one. Too many other things on the calendar. If I see any post game shots, I'll share them with you. He gave me permission to post these with the caveat that he's made some changes/improvements to the table. It will be a great game.


  1. Now that is impressive! You couldn't help but have an epic game on a table like that. Would love to see some post-game pics :-)

  2. Just a little bit impressive eh? One day . . . .

  3. Robert, not his living room.....Jerry does have a nice place!

    I'm lucky to being able to play in this scenario, but as Frost, and [trying] to hold the Arnhem bridge.