Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Battletech Alpha Strike Cards are Here

My friend, Jay, was kind enough to pick these up for me at GenCon.

I like them, though some of the bold fonts are tough to read and some of the models if you don't have enough light.

You can write on one side with dry erase to mark your damage. The front side is Matte finish. They seem to have the same thickness as normal playing cards.

I don't have these exact numbers down right but there are 79 cards for the mechs found in the Alpha Strike book, 10 with special pilots with special abilities (and higher battle values to reflect the improved pilot skill), and a card explaining the special abilities.

Special abilities include (I'll describe a couple of my favorites)
Demoralizer - every unit that comes within 6" of this unit must roll 2d6 - if the roll is 8 or less the unit is demoralized. This means movement is halved and suffer a -1 to hit modifier against the demoralizer. (Just noticed a possibly typo - this should probably be a +1 to hit.)
Fist Fire
Combat Intuition
Blood Stalker - this character chooses an enemy and they get a -1 to hit on them. Any other enemies they target get a +2 to hit.
Multi-Tasker - able to attack two units in a turn - if hit each unit gets half of the possible damage


  1. Nice, I'll have to see if they're available in the UK yet.

  2. I liked the old style better. I suppose the old QS unit cards are compatible though?

    1. No, the old QS cards are not compatible. They combined the Lrm (and other numbers) into the damage totals.

      They are updating the MUl so tht they will print the stats correctly. I believe those will be B/W still - I hope.