Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samurai Testing Take 2 - Kings of War AAR

I think this is the second full play through I had with King of War to find a ruleset I want to play Samurai with.  If I want to play Samurai at all. I think that i do because my last play of Basic Impetus and now KOW were both more fun than the first go around.

This may be partially familiarity with the rules. And it may be a partial understanding of the nuances of this type of wargaming vs WWII gaming.

But the thought of painting a ton of Samurai scares me off just a bit.  However, I don't want to play with blocks of wood forever.  It's shown me that the models are what draw me to this type of gaming.

The color
The majesty


  1. The latest Wargames Illustrated had an article about painting up a samurai army, in an attempt to allay fears that they are difficult to paint.

    I'd still be nervous tackling a samurai army... I think I'll stick to samurai skirmish instead. :)

    1. Yes, I want to get that issue.

      I'm not sure i would enjoy skirmish level gaming. Are you going to buy the osprey ronin rules?