Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coming Up With a Strategy in Gaming

If you watch my Normandy play through you will see that I kind of play turn to turn. Making decisions on the fly...and the results show it. Awkward attacks at low values, poor follow through of exploited openings, bunches of little attacks and not a focused Schwerpunk.

There were a couple times where I planned out the next couple of turns.  But the best I did most of the time was plan the current turn.

I think this is especially important when playing both sides and large games that beg to be planned.  And it would allow me to come up with different plans so that both sides don't play so much the same (somewhat inevitable when playing solo.)

Then a couple days ago I ran across the following post on BoardGameGeek by Joey Sabin on Orders for games.  (I found his YouTube channel and link to that instead below.) He uses Case Blue, the MMP/The Gamers OCS monster game.  But as he says, you can use this thinking for any game, boardgame or miniature.

What do you think? Are you able to do this?

(Edit: he took his video down and has vanished off of boardgame geek. Bummer. But I would like to know how you plan your strategies in games.)


  1. The Video has gone. It says "this Video has been removed by the user"

    1. Yes, he appears to have disappeared off of BoardgameGeek as well. His avatar is gone. This all just happened. I don't know him personally, so who knows what happened.

      Losing the video is a bummer cause he made some great points very easy to understand.