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AAR - In Defeat Defiance - The Canal

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Thought I should stop searching for a tactical level series that is perfect and play one of the three I have. Lock N Load's In Defeat, Defiance won this time. I chose a small scenario, The Canal and gave it a whirl.

A lot of time spent looking up rules just because it's been so long. And the rules aren't formatted quite as I would like.  But this old, tired argument, is, well, old and tired.  So I will let it lie. Lay. Lee?

Anyway, moving on. To my short rememberance:
The setup - The MG34 Team ended up moving into one of the large stacks because I read the stacking rules more closely and realized I really needed their help over there.  I was going straight across the bridge all focused there.  The one bridge was the only way anything could get over the canal.  The tanks can't even cross the bridge, so they were support.

And this end of turn 2 I believe.  After turn 1,  I realized that shooting at those guys in the 4+ stone buildings was doing absolutely NO GOOD.  So I had to hustle on over there.

Oh yes, the objective:  Germans needed to capture 10+ building hexes over the canal in order to achieve different levels of victory.  They have 8 turns.  I was trying to develop an attack with suppressive fire, but alas, nothing.  So I just stormed the bridge, took a shaken result on a squad.  Though I did send a weaker unit to soak up the opp fire - I remembered to do this based on something I'd read in Fredrick's book on strategy:

So I meleed the building where there's the stack of Germans across the river.

End of Turn 3 - notice the giant stack of melee.  I learned a lesson, sort of. The Germans attacked all the Brits in the hex and they didn't get any kills.  The Brits then, learning from that only attacked one of the German units and took them out. Thus reducing the German's chance next turn.  I'm not completely confident this is the way to do it in this case, but I gave it the ole college try.

In Heroes of the Blitzkrieg you can choose to attack only one melee eligable counter.  You don't have to attack the whole hex.  I thought the German odds good, so attacked them all with no result.  As the Brit player I thought I would try to whittle the Germans down.  Problem is, there were more Germans and they would most likely win an attrition.

The other option, withdraw. There's a risk, but it might save some guys for a later turn.

Oh, also in the Turn three pic, the only German reinforcements arrived.

Turn 4 - This photo is blurry because what I'm trying to say here is that war blurs our reasoning and only destroys the souls of our young and poor.

Oh wait, this isn't my Etsy photography site.

Moving on, Germans are taking buildings, but turn 6 sees some serious Brit reinforcements.

At this point I was concerned the Germans wouldn't be able to take more buildings with enough time then, at a minimum, create a nice defensive line in the middle set of building as the British reinforcements would arrive turn 6.
Turn 4

End of Turn 5 and only Brits left on board is the Shaken S35. Brits have 2 Bren carriers coming up, With a leader and initiative. One of the German PzIIIs move's East (to the right in the picture) to cover this beautiful long shot down the road to cover when the Bren Carriers arrive.  It would impede movement as the road was covered.  However, based on how they shot, I probably would've been fine.  Though, there is only one armor point on those little buggies.

End of Turn 6 Germans lost Von Martial & Squad, but took out British half squad and Sgt Radoslovich at the same time. One Half Squad, two Bren carriers and S35 left for Brits.

End of Turn 7 no Brit infantry left. All losses to Brits due to Melee.

End of turn 8 and game - "excellent" German victory. 17 buildings taken. All left abandoned S35 - taken out by Pzb39 (rear shot). And shaken Bren carrier. One of the The Brens managed to take out a German squad.

The "dead" pile

Next time Brits perhaps a bit back except for tank? Make the Germans cross more open ground.

There would be an opportunity to cover the bridge for a turn or two.  Then fall back to the rear line of buildings to allow for open ground crossing and opp fire. 

And the video of it. Starts about the 4:40 mark.

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