Monday, June 10, 2013

Normandy '44 June 9th AAR

Turn 4 is complete and I feel ok with the progress of the Allies.

Caen is precarious. I've got units in there, but the Germans are strong in there and getting stronger.  I think it's interesting that the allies original plan called for Caen to fall in the first day.  I'm going to state it here: in Normandy '44, there's no way that would happen. No way.  Of course, until it happens.

Frankly, I'm not clear what I should be doing there. I'm trying to strengthen up the Brits there while providing some units to go around the West flank to hopefully hit them from the side as well...

Without exposing the beaches or flank from German reinforcements.

Omaha "sector" is looking okay and getting thicker with troops and can now support an attack on Carentan.  Which would be nice before more of the FJ reinforcements come into play. (Next turn.)

They have the widest front and it's somewhat shaky.

Utah is a slugfest and a mess.  I've started putting new units into there to bulk it up.

Regarding reinforcements: I changed my strategy of bringing in the absolute strongest units to bringing in quantity, Tank Destroyers and I suppose weaker or depleted divisions.  My thought is that this may help cover the expanding front line.  Thus freeing up the stronger divisions to attack.

Rereading the rules has clarified the armor rules, I may have too liberal.  Advance in bocage is only one, but I think I've been doing that by accident.  There are times I could've advanced twice and haven't been in other areas.

Reserve - I just didn't understand it.  I read the designer notes and have a better picture of what they can be used for.  Though I don't think I've had enough units to do this.  Though I'll need to remember this for the next turn.

The Germans are going to get tougher now because they can build IPs. This denies armor shift and is a column in the Determined defense chart.  Determined defense has been a tough one for the Allies. It's slowed down their advances.

Out of supply.  I perhaps shouldn't be too concerned with this if I have some follow up troops that can assist them in getting supply in the next turn. Perhaps I need to not worry about this so much in order to make progress.

But I've known all along that I can be somewhat patient with this game because there are a lot of turns and I can build up an appropriate attack force to make things happen.

From the German perspective I need to build up a force fairly quickly to make a counter attack into the soft Southern flank.  I'm going to use what I believe is the Lehr division to become the main unit to do this with.  The FJ coming in may be used in support if Carentan falls before they get there.  I have ST Division units heading to ST Lo to make it an IP and it's surrounding fields.

The Ranges and British 4SS will be leaving at the beginning of the Allied turn 5.  They are needed elsewhere and will no longer be needed here.  Says who?

The Airborne units are also withdrawn if there are no German units next to them, and they are in supply.  That won't happen for awhile...

 Though, could the German exploit this and back his troops away from them, causing them to withdraw?

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