Sunday, June 9, 2013

Battletech Alpha Strike June 09 Update

The crew over at Catalyst Game Labs posted the table of contents for Alpha Strike - I like what I see here.  I'll show you the basic contents. Here is the Battletech blog entry for the full table of contents.

I know only a couple of you are interested in these, but if you're into the system, what do you think so far?

Welcome to Alpha Strike!
Alpha Strike Basics
    Alpha Strike vs. Total Warfare
    What’s Needed to Play Alpha Strike
Alpha Strike at a Glance
    Additional Material
Introductory Alpha Strike
    The Unit Card
    Choosing Army Lists
    Placing Terrain
Playing the Game
    Sequence of Play
    Victory Conditions
Movement Phase
Combat Phase
    Resolving Weapon Attacks
    Resolving Physical Attacks
End Phase
Special Abilities
    Special Ability Descriptions
I like that in the advanced version they get into different weapons and types of movement.  I also like the use of buildings and the campaign system.  It will be interested to see the price of the book.  I wonder if they'll come up with any packs of minis for the introduction of the rules?

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