Friday, May 24, 2013

Standard Combat Series - SCS - Stalingrad Pocket 2 - Unboxing

After watching and talking with the local Wargame Meetup group here playing The Blitzkrieg Legend, I was tempted to give some of this style of games a try.

TBL is actually part of The Gamers and MMP's OCS (Operational Combat Series) which covers large areas and has a 40 page series rulebook.  In addition, it has another 20+ pages of rules for this specific game.
MMP Website
Not only does it cost $110 msrp, it's humongous.  These guys have been meeting for a few months and this will continue.

Anyway, there's also the TCS (Tactical Combat Series) and Standard Combat Series or SCS.  I decided to try SCS.  From the MMP site:
The Standard Combat Series (SCS) enables both experienced and beginning players to enjoy simple to play and quick to learn games.  Each game is a quick-start, complete simulation:  rules, a detailed color map, 280 counters, and everything else needed to recreate the campaign in question.

And it is quite easy.  If you've played any kind of board wargames before at a strategic level. Meaning that each piece represents company or above.  The SCS rules are 5-7 pages long and each title in the series has about 5-20 pages of game specific rules. Stalingrad Pocket 2 has 5 pages of additional rules.  Not too bad.

Anyway, I want to learn by teaching the game via video. This first is the unboxing.


  1. I've played OCS Korea myself and the system definitely takes some dedication to get into. Logistics and planning are crucial and if you try OCS I'm pretty sure you'll find out at some point you've screwed up your entire campaign because you didn't do your math with those supply barrels. Still, I'm sure it's rewarding once you learn it.

    I have SCS Karelia waiting on my shelf, it should be consiredably lighter.

    1. Korea has been suggested often and strongly. OCS is cool, but man those rules are a commitment.

    2. OCS really gives you the impression that you need the shaft of the spear to support the tip. You break throught the enemy line with your tank division but if you neglect to get a good supply line going they will be easily destroyed. The combat rules themselves weren't all that complex, its the supply system which drives the game.