Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More basing thoughts

Is this lazy blogging? Using video to get my thoughts across? The biggest problem - not everyone can get good video on every device.

Anyway, the point of this entry - trying to come up with a way of basing these 15mm guys is coming together. I've known that I was going to focus on basing for Command Decision because it's the ruleset that is the most "strict" on basing. BKCII and IABSM are flexible enough.

But I laid these out and labelled them for the first scenario of IABSM. This gave me such a great "peace" of where I'm going...as far as purchases and planning.

One thing, I'm also thinking through is how they will work with Command Decision scenarios. More on that later.

1 comment:

  1. Todd, great idea on creating the bases first, for which you'll then flesh out w/figs/vehicles for a specific scenario! This way you can "compartmentalize" your collection building aimed at a specific scenario you plan to play at a time, rather than building/basing your collection not knowing how much you think you might need (for some undetermined game(s) in the future). On the medium/heavy MG issue....I can imagine the rules designation for medium-MG denotes a rifle-caliber MG on a tripod mounting (as opposed to rifle-caliber MGs, but those bipod mounted - "LMGs"). This way I imagine the rules can reserve the "Heavy MG" classification as reflecting heavier caliber-firing MGs (12.7mm - 14.5mm "50 cal." types), and the medium MGs as tripod mounted, but rifle-caliber firing weapons. The confusion comes when MG designations have been used to specify both mounting type and/or bullet caliber.