Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Battlefront Plastics Build - Flames of War

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Here are a couple videos I give of building the plastic tanks from the Flames of War Achtung! starter box set. 3 Fireflys and 2 Stug Gs. By the way, it sounds like they'll be getting rid of this set and rolling out battle box sets in the near future. Depending on the cost, they may be a good deal.

I can't comment on historical accuracy - I would like them close and they seem it. I'm looking for close and quick to build so they can be into play much faster. (My experience with the Airfix 1/76 made it very clear to me that modelling is not what interests me.)

I can say that the Stug G went together like a dream - great. Smooth and mostly all fit nicely. Wow. The Sherman was a slightly different matter. I would love for the top part of the hull to be one part. Or, alternatively, the bottom and sides be one part. You'll see the gaps in the video. Other than that they went together fairly nicely.

It took me about 3 hours to put the five tanks together, and mount 10 Russian Infantry on popsicle sticks to prep for painting.

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