Friday, June 1, 2012

Ran, Breakfast Club, and A Tough Chic

I've always wanted to see this, but I saw timmy! this week and he suggested strongly that I see it because it shows Samurai battle and armor well.

He was right. It's very well filmed. I thought it was an old one. Not really, 1985. Wait. Is that old?

Breakfast club is older. Oh boy.

Good movie - I'm currently on the scene where the widow becomes the brothers wife and licks his blood - crazy scene but awesome. She's gotta be one of the toughest women in movies. Toughest characters - man or woman.

As I'm typing this, she's still going. Incredible.

Watching this gives me hope in painting Samurai. In fact it may be fun to paint these armies.

Battle does seem to be a bit more chaotic.

The Japanese woman is the actress that plays the wife - Lady Kaede

Oh yeah, happy BDAY mom!


  1. Agree, great movie with stunning scenes. Great acting too - particularly the father & that court jester kid. Sad ending (oops spoiler). That woman looks a lot better without makeup and shaved eyebrows! Best, Dean

  2. Court Jester was interesting.

    I don't know how much was lifted from King Lear, but dialogue was great in spots.

    wouldn't get kind of ending would you expect from a movie like this?