Monday, May 14, 2012

Stick to the Plan - Fighting Formations Pt 2

Game start - all those hidden Soviets - where oh where are you?
Midgame - not looking good for the Germans
Endgame - Could the Germans have won if they'd stuck to the plan?

Second play through of GMT's Fighting Formations - this one was much more of a slugfest. Perhaps it  helped that I remembered this: in response to fire, only one (1) unit may return fire, not an unlimited number of units like OpFire. OpFire allows an "unlimited" number of units to respond with fire at each expenditure of MP.

Also, I was more diligent to count the initiative used when a unit responded with OpFire or Return Fire.

This is a lesson learned for minis and board gaming - the importance of sticking to a plan. My plan was for the Germans to concentrate on their left. (That would be the right of the above pics.) However, as soon as the bullets/shells began flying, I was somewhat distracted by the beauty of the fight. Prying those Soviets out of buildings and fortifications is tough and it requires a concentration of power.

Now that I look at it, I wonder if perhaps the German right may be a better play...

Regardless, I split my forces and as both sides stalled I was somewhat committed and also lost track of the time track, playing it as though I had 2 more turns that I had. The Germans were awarded one extra turn via the Sudden Death roll, however, to little effect.  It was too little too late.

Not quite as giddy as the first game, because this slows down significantly when they get in close. Lots of return fires to keep track of. Lots of things can go on as the units close.

I should also note that I've played both games with the event pulls at the end of each turn. I love that random event chit pull. It's a great option that I will always play with.

Geekway is in three days and I just finished up some more detail work on it. One of the organizers said I should bring a couple of my wargames. I will. However, they're all Planoed and in notebooks OCDville and it makes them tough to travel. Also, there aren't many wargamers there, however, maybe these will appeal to them.

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