Monday, May 14, 2012

Fighting Formations

Played this Chad Jensen boardgame, Fighting Formations. I've had this exactly one year before I played it. (With my work with Geekway to the West, I should just claim May as Boardgame Month.)

GMT and Chad and Kai and John have done it again. Tremendous.
Nice components
Clear rules (don't interpret - just read them as they read.)
Nice graphics
Smooth mechanics
Very few rule look ups, even after a couple solo plays
Rules and Scenarios posted as pdfs online!!!!
Well tested scenarios

There were times while playing it that I literally laughed out loud and was giddy. So smooth and fun mechanics. There are so many reviews and videos that I don't need to do something here.

The pics below are my from my first game - intro scenario 0 - German crushing victory. I did many things wrong that aided in this rollover. My next playing  - see a later post.

This has also done something that I'm not happy about - I'm tempted to play some early/mid war Germany v Russian in miniature. (Don't do it.)
At set up Russians lined up to take some villages. Tanks should be in "Column" as they go through  town.
Overview of map at start and the order matrix.
The middle town that gets all the attention during the game as the Germans begin to move in.
Not quite endgame - didn't finish 'cause it was a clear German victory.

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and finally, this is the first of eight video walk-throughs of Fighting Formations

The link to GMT page of Fighting Formations

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