Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh The Places We'll Go

Went to JoAnn Fabrics today - Who would've thought? Not me.

Anyway, they have a lot more there than fabrics. As I had the employee cutting these, she was obviously curious. And I had already pulled up one of my pictures of Jerry's tables to guide me in my buying.
I said, "I'm trying to match this table."

"Oh, that's cute. Is that a model railroad?"
I'm thinking, "cute" and "war gaming", hmmmm?
"Actually, it's for wargaming."

Anyway, she was very helpful and didn't seem too put off by it. And I browsed around the store and they have several other things I could use there.

My main focus was the fine corduroy, the lighter brown one at the top left of the photo. But I I bought a couple others for variety of color. Then I found the green one and thought it would make for a good forest floor. I will wash it and fade it out a bit before use. 

I also hope to touch up the corduroy with some dry-brushing.


  1. The Fabric store s a regular stop for me (I'm even on Jo-Ann Fabrics e-mail list) for the exact same reason. As you have seen on my Blog I even found one in Kosovo for battlefield accessories. ;)

    I highly recommend Marine Vinyl for any Naval wargaming needs.

    BTW, Nice finds.

    1. Hey Todd, if you're wanting to create folded-over hems for some of your fabric sections (to dress them up and keep the edges from unraveling), and you don't have a sewing machine, you can buy a roll(s) of heat-activated hem tape that will join the fabric together with ironing.

    2. We'll have to get together and have a quilting...I mean hemming party. I'll bring the fabric you bring the heat stuff!

  2. I'm always popping into to Jo-Ann's too. There can be some good green or brown fabric to browse through.