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Naval Thunder Comparison Renown v Littorio Pt 3

Part III - Gun Data
We’ve got the basic ship stats down. Now, let’s look at the stats for the guns and how these actually play out in a couple of examples.

Main Battery

The first section shows the Main Battery guns for each ship. They show the size, the number of guns in each turret, the number of turrets and the arc of fire (F=Forward, P=Port/Left, S=Starboard/Right, A=Aft)

For example, facing in the F/P/S arc of fire, Renown has 15” Guns(this matters in gameplay as you’ll see later). There are 2 guns in each turret and there are 2 Turrets. Therefore, in that arc of fire, Renown can bring a total of 4 guns to bear on a target.  In the R/P/S arc of fire there is 1 turret with 2 guns, meaning in that arc of fire there are two guns to fire at a target.

You’ll notice though that all the guns can face in the P and S arcs. Therefore, all the main guns could focus their fire in one of the two arcs. Renown could target a total of 6 guns on one enemy ship! You can target each turret at a different enemy ship. Though I’m not sure how wise that is.

Basically when it comes time to shoot,  you’ll fire 1d10 for each gun you’re firing.

You read the stats for the secondary batteries in the same way. For example, in the Port arc of fire Renown could fire up to 10 guns in one turn. (2 guns per turret x 5 turrets).

(BTW - I remember port=left from starboard=right because port has fewer letters than starboard and left has few letters than right.)

Therefore, the Renown can bring a max of 6 of it’s main guns to bear on any one target. The Littorio can bring 9 main guns. 

For secondary guns, Renown can bring a max of 10 guns. In certain ranges, Littorio can bring a max of 12 guns on one target. I say, “in certain ranges,” because Littorio has two different sizes of secondary guns that have different range bands.

Number of Main Battery Guns Advantage: Littorio
Number of Secondary Battery Guns Advantage: Littorio

Main Battery Gun Power

Again, it shows the size. Then it breaks each gun down to a range band in inches: Short, Medium, Long, Extra Long. Then it shows Pen or Penetration value of a gun. And finally, the damage the guns’ shells inflict.  

For example, The Renown’s main 15” guns have a max range of 60”. 45” is considered Long range. 30” is considered Medium range and 15” is considered short range. This makes a difference because range bands can add/subtract various modifiers. Whereas, the Littorio’s main guns have a range band of: max is 80”; long is 60”; medium is 40”; short is 20.

Next is the “Pen” or penetration value of the shell. The Renown’s main battery shell’s penetrate with a 12. The Littorio’s with a 14.  Remember, you add this to a roll of a d10 plus modifiers and compare it to the target’s armor value to determine the amount of damage you inflict.  You’ll see this later in the example of shooting.

Finally, Dmg or Damage per shell hit is shown. The Renown and Littorio main guns both inflict up to 10 points of damage for each gun/shell that hits. If the shells don’t penetrate, then half damage is applied. If there is no way, even by rolling a 10 that a shell could penetrate, then no point damage is taken. However, if a natural “10” is rolled then a “superstructure critical” roll is made.

Normally you roll 2d10 to determine critical damage and apply damage points. However, on a superstructure roll you only roll a 1d10 and don’t add any damage points from the shell hitting - though you may take some from the critical hit. By rolling just 1d10 you won’t have the chance of having some thing  like a magazine explosion.

Overall Range Advantage: Littorio
Overall Penetration Advantage: Littorio
Overall Damage Advantage: Neither


Torpedoes list size, range band in inches, what kind of mounts, the number of tubes on a mount and then the arc where the torpedoes are mounted. In the case of Renown (no torpedoes on Littorio) she has 21” torpedoes, with a range band of: short is 4”; medium is 8; long is 12”. They are double mounted with 2 mounts in each port and starboard arc.

Here’s how you shoot and determine torpedo attacks. At the beginning of the ship’s shooting phase you record the target of the torpedo attacks. At the end of all the ships’ shooting phases you determine the result of the torpedo attacks. You determine these for each mount. You also use the same “Target/To Hit number” as your base. Again, there are modifiers based on a variety of factors.  You roll a d10 for each mount. In the case of the Renown you would roll 2d10 if you were firing the port or starboard torpedos.

For every successful hit rolled, that means a torpedo from the mount hit. If that is the case, then you get to roll for the other torpedoes in the the mount to see if they hit.

Torpedo Advantage: Renown


This is something I’ve not played yet. I’m not clear on the mechanics yet, and in this example, the plane that Littorio carries won’t help. Thought it could be of assistance in a longer run battle with Renown, depending on the circumstances. The plane is designated as an “R”, which mean reconnaissance.  Basically a recon plane can help with targeting for the main battery.

Aircraft Advantage: Littorio

If you look at the complete chart of pluses, it looks like Littorio comes out in the lead 9-4.

Next up, because this is already quite long, we look at an example of shooting from two different ranges. 

I need an editor!

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