Monday, February 20, 2012

Pics of Fallujah and Priorities

These are from a gamer I've recently met, via email and phone, "Timmy!" (as he's known on the Ambush Alley forums)

Another local gamer, Dave, introduced 'cause we live a couple miles apart and could possibly find some time to game or model. His terrain skills outshine mine by far, so I'm afraid it will be a one way street on that front.

But the conversation (via email) between Dave, Timmy! and I have included topics like paint/model nights, British gaming groups and how to replicate, sharing blog posts, etc. One of the topics was the importance of focus in gaming. To that end I answered this way to the guys, which was echoing some of their sentiments and then a list of to-dos:

Focus on a scale or two
An era or two
A game or two.

Also, I was going to put up a quick post on getting focused for 2012:

1.  Finishing my WWII US 6mm - which for me means - finishing first the units to complete my armored infantry battalion and a full tank battalion and support.
2. Finishing units that are needed for some of the scenarios I already own.

3. Flesh out the terrain I have and what else I can do to make a quick, yet great looking table. Frankly, I'm using Jerry's tables as the inspiration for this - which I've mentioned before.

3. Flesh out a small scenario(s) so I can put on some games at the two local cons.

5.  Finish the naval I started.
5a. Play a couple games to see if I want to Gm a scenario at a con.
5b if yes - then buy the appropriate ships to play the given scenarios I have.

6. Work on the 20mm I have (WWII)
6a try a couple sets of rules. I already have free Rate of Fire. And ?

7. Expand the blog to include guest posts? (I'm hoping to get Timmy! and Dave to send me some info to include in future posts. They've both been doing this longer than me and can offer the newer gamer some great tips.)
What's interesting is that I'm beginning to wonder what's most important to me - is it the actual gaming, the modeling, the reporting, the history, GMing? I'm working through this. 
To follow on that last point. We were discussing the real reason we're doing all of this. For the others, spending time blogging or other side pursuits potentially could be a distraction from their main focus which is gaming, or terrain, or GMing, or, or, or... Again, more to come.

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