Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GMing Con Game Operation Nordwind US List 2nd run

Wow, some great help/inspiration came in while chatting with a group on The Miniatures Page. (side note: I can't tell you (actually, I can) how many people come to the site from TMP - It blows away any of the other sites I post links to. BIG difference.)

I decided to move the part of the battle I was going to simulate to a later time of day - essentially in the middle of the day as right in the middle of the fight. I understand a big part of playing a game is the ability to maneuver and get your troops in the proper place. But I'm just not sure I've got time for that.

It also helped me to narrow down my US forces - I think:

CO (CV9)
2x FAO (CV8)
2x Recon (Not sure where these will go.)
1 M8 Scott (Not sure where yet.)
3 Batteries of Priests (105mm)

HQ (CV8) - 17th AIB A and C Companies
6x Green troops with Bazookas
2x MMG Support Units
2x 57mm ATG
10x M3 Half Tracks

HQ (CV8) - 43rd AB Remnants after a terrible prior day and morning)
2x M5 Stuarts
3x M4, 75mm
2x M4, 76mm

HQ (CV8) - C Company/119th Engineers fighting as infantry
3x Engineer Units with Bazookas
1x M3 Halftracks
2x Trucks

HQ (CV8) - 23rd AB Remnants after rough morning attack - actual orders called for them to go through Herrilsheim but they ended up fighting with the 43rd and 17th in the town.
2x M5 Stuarts
3x M4, 75mm
2x m4, 76mm

4,105 points. I feel pretty good about this. Probably 2 too many HQs,  but I want both players to have control of two just in case of blunders.

9-13-11 - Made a change on a couple things after conferring with other forum users. Took 2 HTs from the engineers (there was usually just one per company) The other platoons traveled via dump trucks and other equipment. However, this unit, during this battle was loaned to the 23AB to support them as infantry. So, I would assume they rode in trucks, HTs, walked or Tank Road.

I also changed on the BKC battlegroup builder in that I had accidently inserted 4 Recce M5s which bumped up the points a bit. So, the total points went down a bit. In a soon upcoming post, you'll see the Germans outnumber them by about 400.

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